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Your Brain on Yoga: A 3-Day Training Examining the Role of Psychology & Trauma in the Practice of Yoga


Date: October 9-11th: Friday 6-9, Saturday 12-7, Sunday 11-4

Location:  Yoga Home, 424 E. Elm Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428

In this intensive, explore the relationship between yoga, the brain, and our minds. Using some of the tools of psychology, we’ll deepen our understanding of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. In this training, we will explore:


  • Yogic Philosophy and how it relates to modern ideas of mental health
  • How depression, anxiety, and trauma affect our body
  • How we can use the practice of yoga to address mental distress and create safety in body and mind
  • Explore the ways in which we currently cope with difficulties
  • Envision and embody new ways of being

This workshop is ideal for teachers who would like to teach classes that are attuned to mental health concerns, and any student who would like to explore the connection between their mind and their practice.

If you have any triggers or emotional concerns, please reach out to Candace, a master’s level therapist, so that your safety can be prioritized during the weekend. CE credits may be available for yoga instructors.


Sunday, November 1st  Supersonic Vinyasa with Mark Dee for Dia de Los Muertos.  6:30-8:30pm, at Yoga Homeglow-yoga61LHawKYa8L._SY300_




Join Candace Stevens with musical accompaniment by Mark Dee, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist of, for a glowing, supersonic yoga experience.

Under the glow of blacklights, flow through a dynamic yoga practice while we explore the themes embracing fear, letting go, and honoring what has passed in our lives. After the physical practice, a very extended savasana with the etherial sounds of Mark Dee will levitate you to another state of being using the digeridoo, udu, and other world music instruments. Body paints will be available to help us embody our inner glow, but feel free to bring any of your own LED or glowing accessories.


Yoga to Ignite Your Creative Fire


Sunday, November 15th 12-2:30pm, $35, at Stillpoint
Do you feel disconnected, un-inspired, or stuck in a rut? Our physical patterns affect our mental state, and yoga can help change them! In this workshop, we’ll begin by discussing inspiration and exploring yogic ideas about creation. After learning about the mind-body connection and how tension can affect our ability to innovate, we will use movement to release linear patterns & stagnant energy to open up to the free flow of creativity. Following the practice, we’ll experiment with writing or drawing a mandala (yogis choice!) Come ready to let go of expectations and awaken the artistic and innovative wisdom already inside of you. We’ll also discuss how to bring this practice off the mat to live a more artistic life!

Please bring a journal and a pen. Colored pencils will be provided, but if you have your own art supplies, feel free to bring them!

Register now!

INTO THE MYSTIC: A Yoga Adventure to Morocco with “Cultural Integrity and Soul” 

2016 Dates Forthcoming!

Presented by Aluna Adventures and Mushmina



Philadelphia area yoga & Yoga Home teachers Meghan Dwyer and Candace Stevens want to rock your gypsy soul!

We believe you are a wanderer at heart, but sometimes you need things like yoga, travel and the creative arts to allow your wild and free nature to truly blossom. This trip is more adventure than “retreat” because, as you know, life is just sometimes like that…

And because what we see on the outside is also within us, this trip allows you to explore the many layers of your being. What are the qualities you associate with the ocean, beach, mountains, desert, countryside and city? How do they speak to you and can you sense that same energy within yourself? Can you see how the marketplaces we will encounter can represent the relentless chatter of your mind? or that getting lost in a medina may remind you of times when life feels like a never-ending maze? For in order for us to truly feel whole and at peace — to enter the mystic — we must honor, explore, and unite all the different parts of ourselves.

– 2 nights in the seaside city of Casablanca
– 4 nights in the country outside of Marrakesh
– 2 nights in the mighty Sahara as part of a 4×4 desert tour
– 2 yoga classes a day (vinyasa/yin)
– daily meditation
– breakfast each morning in “Casa”
– breakfast & dinner each day in the “Kesh” country side
– 3 meals/day in the Sahara
– all transportation within Morocco
– henna and tea party with the Mushmina artisan’s at their Flying Camel women’s center
– $50 gift certificate to Mushmina

For only $1599!!
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $1499 if you pay in FULL by 1/31

– Learn about local Berber culture, the original inhabitants of Morocco
– Give back to the local community by supporting Mushmina and their mission
– Connect with the divine feminine through nature, ceremony, and ritual
– Sing and play music around the bonfire
– Fire ceremony
– Get a bit of beach time (our B&B in Casa is right across the street from it!)
– Run in fields of spring’s wildflowers outside Kesh, with an option for biking, and excursions into the Ourika Valley
– RIDE A CAMEL (of course it’s included in the price!)


Email and let us know how you would like to pay your $500 non-refundable deposit (check, pay pal or credit card/square)

** For Philadelphia area residents, book the flight below roundtrip JFK to Casablanca (*DIRECT*)

DEPART: 3/27 RETURN: 4/5

Royal Air Maroc
JFK 7:15p –> 6:00a CMN (6h 45min) Flight 201
CMN 2:00p –> 5:15p JFK (8h 15min) Flight 200

Allot $120 for a shuttle that will take you straight to JFK airport from Philadelphia, roundtrip! Not bad!
We can schedule to all go together 🙂
Do not delay!

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