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Expat Life; Day Une

Yesterday was my first day living in France!  Years ago, I might have imagined getting off of my plane, dropping my luggage at my hotel, rushing to a pâtisserie to have a café & macaroons, followed by intense exploration of boutiques and cobbled streets, and maybe even stumbling upon a small gallery and admiring art for hours.  Basically, the big, sexy, bohemian life I’ve always wanted. In actuality, I ended up sleeping the day away in a corporate hotel, and ate a tuna sandwich (from a vending machine) in bed.   And it was exactly what I needed. 

This is my "bed".

This is my “bed”.

Later in the evening, I attended a wine tasting party in the cafe of our hotel, which made it painfully clear that smiling, nodding, and uttering one or two words in French whilst gesturing wildly will be my primary means of communicating with others until I figure out why my Rosetta Stone disc stopped working.

At least this guy was able to understand me.

At least this guy was able to understand me.

Today, we venture out to find our new home.  After that, the bohemian life is sure to follow.