Being & Becoming

Cultivating Inspiration, Creativity, and a Life on Purpose


Photo by Naomi Huober of

Photo by Naomi Huober of

Being and Becoming began as a chronicle of my life in Paris, and how I used the time follow my heart and live for what electrifies me- cultivating creativity, discovering new places, making art, and exploring the yogic path as a means to access our (often) repressed creative power.

Now,  I’m back in the US, but the journey is still continuing.

By sharing and studying the places, people, ideas, activities, and art that evoke inspiration, it is my hope that I can help engage you, the reader, in a present-centered process that might help you channel your creativity, practice your passion,  deepen your mindfulness, and live the life you want!

I’m trained as a Master’s level trauma therapist, and work full-time as a yoga instructor.  I specialize in the mind-body connection,  connecting to purpose, and connecting to creativity.   I teach in studio, but also offer private lessons, workshops, and trainings.  If you’re interested in any of these offerings, please feel free to send me a message.

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